Xero Flor Green Roof Options

With Xero Flor’s patented and proven green roof technology, options include lightweight systems weighing only 8-10 pounds per square foot to ballasted applications of 25 pounds per square foot. Xero Flor green roof assemblies work beautifully on basic flat roofs, roofs with dynamic shapes, and even on slopes up to 45 degrees. The flexibility of Xero Flor supports green roof design optimized for retrofits or new buildings of all types.

The experts at Xero Flor America can recommend the system option that best fulfills the specific structural, stormwater mitigation and aesthetic requirements of any project.

XF300 Green Roof Systems

XF300 + XT

XF301 Green Roof Systems

XF301 + XT

XF301 + 1FL

XF301 + 2FL